Ascension World Championship

The ultimate event to determine the Ascension World Champion!
This event is open to everyone, just sign up, you don't need to qualify.

World Championship Prize Structure

1st Place: Cash Prize - $2500 & their likeness on a card in a future set. Second place - $500.
Top 8: Ascension backpack, watch, & 200 Prize Tix
9th-16th receive 100 Prize Tix
17th-32nd receive 50 Prize Tix.

Top 32: Gen Con Exclusive Playmat

All players will receive 10 Prize Tix for participation.
All rounds of this event will be 2 player games using the latest set:  Valley of the Ancients

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What are Prize Tix?

Gen Con Exclusive
Playmat Image
​Coming Soon

We've created a fun way for players to choose the prizes they want!

We'll have a selection of awesome prizes to choose from like
promos, playmats, full sets, expansion sets and more!

Players can earn and save up prize tix throughout
​the weekend to get the prizes they want.
All our events including learn to play events will offer prize tix. 
Full Sets: 12o Prize Tix
2 Player Expansion Sets: 100 Prize Tix
Ascension Alliances & Apprentice Edition: 40 Prize Tix

Individual Promos: 10 Prize Tix
Playmats: 60 Prize Tix
Ascension & Ultra Pro Collecting Supplies (Sleeves, Deck Boxes & More): 10-200 Prize Tix
*More Prizes Will Be Available Then Pictured. All Prizes Subject To Availability.

Gen Con Event Schedule

Coming Soon!
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Cascade Games is a running all Ultra Pro events at Gen Con 2017.
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